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Our brand-new dog daycare and boarding location in McLean

May 19, 2021
dog daycare room inside Playful Pack's location in McLean, VA

Playful Pack is proud to announce the opening of our new dog services facility in McLean, Va. Our newest Playful Pack Doggy Daycare and Boarding facility is conveniently located in the Chesterbrook Shopping Center right next door to Safeway. Thoughtfully designed with our doggy guests’ needs and wants in mind, you can rest easy when you bring your pups to us.
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Dog Daycare in McLean

Our McLean doggy daycare facility offers plenty of space for your furry friend to stretch out, get comfortable, and interact with both their doggy and human friends. Your pup will have lots of opportunities to engage all senses while keeping both brain and body busy. We separate our dogs into two groups based on size, temperament, and energy levels. This ensures safety, comfort, and fun during socialization and keeps everyone healthy, active, and fully engaged. During downtime, your dog can take a break, recharge, or enjoy a nap on one of our comfortable cots or swings before heading back out to play.

We use specially developed canine-friendly equipment in our play areas, and our staff organizes special fun activities every day, including agility courses, bubbles, balls, themes, and more. Interactive games and activities are available both in the morning and the evening to keep the fun flowing and burn off all that extra energy so that your dog comes home ready to enjoy some quality time with you.

Our equipment is disinfected with pet-safe cleaning products, and we use top-quality air filtration for the healthiest possible environment for your pooch. Each play area accommodates the needs of our PACKmates with 35 square feet of artificial turf, raised above a commercial drainage system for peak cleanliness, for a total of 70 square feet of turf. This potty area has been constructed with commercial drainage systems to maximize cleanliness for our furry friends.

During their time at daycare, all PACKmates will enjoy constant staff engagement, healthy socialization with other PACKmates, physical and mental stimulation, and a fun, cage-free atmosphere. You will enjoy webcam access and report cards to monitor your pup’s progress. Our brand-new doggy daycare and boarding facility in McLean offers cage-free daycare excitement 13 hours a day and 7 days a week so that you can rest easy that your pooch is in the best of hands when not in your personal care.

Dog Boarding in McLean

Dog boarding is also available at our McLean facility. All of our dog services are personalized, allowing your dog to enjoy the fun and socialization of daycare during the day and comfortable rest and downtime at night. At our boarding facility, your dog will be carefully weighed and monitored, and any changes will be documented. We can address special needs and provide your pup with the one-on-one care they need while reporting any issues directly to you. Our webcam makes it easy for you to check in at any time and your dog will enjoy two daily walks outdoors.

To ensure our dog daycare in McLean is the right fit for you and your dog, we encourage you to visit for a temperament evaluation. Our staff begins with a meet and greet before welcoming your dog in the appropriate space based on size and temperament. Evaluations are free, and after your pup’s evaluation, they are welcome to enjoy a free day of daycare fun just to see what all the fuss is about! Call us today to learn more or to schedule your pup’s evaluation!
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