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Our Brand New Dog Daycare in Arlington, VA

June 17, 2022
Playful Pack location in Arlington, VA

Playful Pack is delighted to announce the grand opening of our brand new dog daycare in Arlington, VA. Our newest Rosslyn location is located in the heart of Arlington, and it has all of the same great Playful Pack features you have come to know and love to ensure your furry friends are safe, happy, and cared for each moment they spend here. Our dog daycare in Rosslyn officially opens on June 30th, 2022.

The brand-new facility features expansive daycare rooms designed with your dog’s needs in mind, including ample room for play, socialization, and relaxation. Our team loves our PACKmates, and here in our newest Rosslyn facility, you can choose from daycare or boarding as needed. Our team will always keep activities flowing and socialization positive and fun.

Dog daycare is an excellent outlet for young, energetic, or social dogs. It can keep them physically, mentally, and socially engaged when you cannot. It can help dogs manage boredom, separation anxiety, and loneliness and overcome certain destructive behaviors, such as barking or chewing. The highly structured and supervised nature of doggy daycare means that your pup will have a safe, fun environment in which to explore, engage, and grow on their terms.

During daycare, your dog will have access to everything necessary for health and happiness while you are away at work or school, or otherwise engaged, including:

  • Mental and physical activities
  • Exercise
  • Healthy socialization outlets with people and other dogs
  • Constant staff engagement
  • Webcam access and report cards to take home

Our dog daycare activities all take place in a comfortable cage-free environment and include new activities scheduled regularly, designed to keep dogs on their paws every day. The fun includes everything from bacon bubbles and bobbing to peanut butter-filled toys and activity courses. Costs vary depending on whether you have one dog or several and whether you need a single day of dog daycare in Arlington or a longer-term package.

Dog boarding is also available. Our full-service dog boarding in Arlington provides your dog with the same TLC that you do. Each day your dog spends at our facility, your pup will be carefully weighed and monitored with all important details tracked and documented. Any changes in food intake, behavior, and health will be noted and immediately communicated to you. If your dog has special health needs, we will take all necessary steps to address those, including administering oral medication at no extra charge. You are also welcome to bring your dog’s favorite bedding, toys, or other comfort items to help them feel right at home. During the day, your dog will have plenty of exercise and activity in our doggy daycare and spend only nights in the boarding area.

You can visit us at the street level of 1528 Clarendon Boulevard in the Sedona/Slate residential building. Call us to learn more about our newest dog daycare in Rosslyn or to schedule a temperament test for your pup, who can stay and enjoy a full day of daycare on us!