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Playful Pack® Continues To Grow. Our Dog Daycare in Leesburg is Now Open

August 22, 2022
a yellow lab wearing a yellow bandana inside Playful Pack location

Playful Pack is pleased to announce the opening of our newest dog daycare in Leesburg. Conveniently located in The Village at Leesburg, our newest facility features everything you know and love about Playful Pack's dog daycares in Northern Virginia with one exciting new addition: both indoor and outdoor spaces where your furry family member can run and play.

As with all of our doggy daycare locations, our Leesburg facility features top-quality dog services and features, including:

  • Positive mental stimulation
  • Fun physical activities
  • Healthy socialization with people and other dogs
  • Constant staff engagement and interaction
  • Webcam access and daily report cards.
  • Our outdoor play yard at Leesburg features specialized artificial turf for comfort and hygiene, and your dog will be able to run, play, and jump easily and safely while we maintain maximum cleanliness.

We are proud to maintain a cage-free atmosphere here at Playful Pack to mimic a dog’s natural environment and meet our PACKmates’ physical and mental needs. Each weekday, we plan a variety of exciting activities that rotate throughout the month, including bacon bubbles, gourmet treats, tunnels of fun, snuffle mats, frozen Kongs, and more. We even host birthday “pawties” on our PACKmates’ special days!

Each time your pup visits our dog daycare in Leesburg, VA, they will be treated to a variety of play-care, socialization, and recreational activities they will learn to howl for. They will love our staff as much as our staff loves dogs, and because we are hyper-focused on dog daycare and boarding, we can offer the premier services and experiences your pup deserves.

Playful Pack in Leesburg offers a variety of packages to fit your budget and needs, including full-day pricing and packages for five, 10, and 20 days. We also offer special pricing for two or more dogs with additional services that include daycare lunches and one-on-one outdoor play for those pups that need a little extra TLC during their time away from you.

All dog boarding services feature a full day of doggy daycare as well as personalized overnight care where your dog will have the opportunity to rest comfortably while you are away. Each dog in our care is monitored and weighed daily, and we document everything during their stay. Any changes or irregularities are reported immediately to you. We are always happy to accommodate special needs and administer oral medications as needed, and your pup is welcome to bring along whatever special bedding, blankets, and toys will make them feel more at home while they stay with us.

In addition to our standard dog daycare and dog boarding in Leesburg, we offer full wash and dry grooming services for our doggy visitors. This keeps your pup happy and healthy and saves you time. All boarding visitors are provided with a doggy wash if they stay more than three days.

If you are ready to get started, you can book your visit quickly and easily online. Your pup will need to complete a temperament test to determine the best playgroup for their needs. Once the test is complete, your dog can stay for a full day of daycare, where you can check in as desired using our webcams! Visit our dog daycare in Leesburg today at the heart of The Village at 1608 Village Market Blvd. SE, next to Plaza Azteca.