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Playful Pack now open in Annapolis, Maryland

August 16, 2021
two dogs laying on top of green platforms inside Playful Pack's annapolis location

We are so excited to announce the opening of our latest Playful Pack dog daycare and boarding location in Annapolis! Formerly known as Dog Thrive Annapolis, our new facility is packed with all the same tail-wagging fun you have come to expect from Playful Pack. Our newest location offers not only dog daycare and dog boarding in Annapolis but also grooming to help your dog feel its best.

A happy, active, challenged, well-groomed dog: What’s not to love? With our complete suite of grooming services, your dog will be fresh and frisky and ready to get down to a dog’s biggest job: playing with the pack!

Personalized Dog Care

At Playful Pack dog daycare in Annapolis, we specialize in taking care of your furry family members, offering mental stimulation, healthy socialization, and physical exercise to keep your dog physically and emotionally healthy and happy. At our doggy daycare, your pup will not only get everything they need to be healthy but also thrive. Your pup will be howling to come back. Here, each dog is given the personalized attention needed to grow and develop according to their temperament and energy levels, and we divide our dogs into playgroups according to size and needs for safety and wellbeing.

Our play areas feature special canine-developed play and exercise equipment, and our dog-loving staff plan new and exciting special activities regularly. From bubble parties and ball play to themed games and agility training, we have it all! We like to keep things fun and engaging so that your dog never gets bored and always has something to which they can look forward. We have daily organized pack activities! And whenever your pup needs a break, they can relax and recharge on a comfy cot or couch. Our facilities are cage-free and open seven days a week, and we work hard to create a home-away-from-home atmosphere for their comfort and yours.

Safety and Cleanliness a Priority

We keep our environment clean and safe for play using pet-safe disinfecting products and top-quality air filtration. All interactions and activities are monitored throughout the day, and you can check on your furry friends whenever you want using our webcams or checking out our social media pics and vids. We’ll also provide you with progress reports and updates when you pick up your pup every day so that you know just how much fun your furry family member had during their time with us!

Affordable Payment Options

A variety of payment options are available, and you can pay per day or choose from a variety of convenient multi-day packages to meet your needs. Discounts are available for multi-pup households, and we also offer a 15% military discount. We welcome you to stop by for a temperament test with a one-on-one meet-and-greet to decide if Playful Pack is right for your family and pup. Evaluations are free, and your furry friend is welcome to stay and enjoy a free day of fun and exploration after the evaluation is complete!

Check out our dog daycare in Annapolis today at 2021 Research Drive off Bestgate Road, right across from Westfield Mall, in Annapolis, Md.