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Rockville, MD: Playful Pack’s 2nd Maryland location

February 28, 2023
Play area at Playful Pack Rockville

Playful Pack is thrilled to announce the opening of its newest location in Rockville, MD. This is our second location in Maryland and our seventh location overall! Whether your dog enjoys daily sessions or only visits occasionally, the benefits of doggy daycare are extensive. Here, your pup will have lots of opportunities to socialize with dog friends and caretakers who are committed to their happiness and well-being.
Dogs are social animals, and they learn how to behave from us and other dogs. Spending time with other dogs can teach them valuable lessons about communication, boundaries, and fun. At Playful Pack, your dog will be placed in a playgroup based on size, temperament, and other factors. Once settled, your furry friend will have a blast exploring everything our daycare has to offer.

Ample Play Space in our Dog Daycare in Rockville, MD

Dogs spend most of their days in spaces designed by and for us, their people. At Playful Pack, each of our facilities was designed to cater to them. Our play spaces allow them to be free and act exactly as a dog was meant to act: like a dog. Your dog can choose to romp around our indoor playspace, which is well-equipped with specially designed canine furnishings. They can also head outside to enjoy the fresh air with all their furry friends. Each of our play areas has plenty of room in which your pup can bound around and play freely without having to worry about knocking over lamps or running into windows.
Our facilities are cleaned with pet-safe disinfectants and feature the highest-quality air filtration systems to help keep your pup cleaner and healthier, too.

Regular Enrichment

Dogs can benefit not just from having the space and freedom to play with their friends but also from carefully planned enrichment activities. The right activities stimulate a dog’s mind and body, which can alleviate anxiety, calm stress, and help your dog feel more connected to their environment and social group. When a dog doesn’t get enough enrichment, they might be more prone to separation anxiety and problem behaviors.
At Playful Pack dog daycare in Rockville, we plan new enrichment activities daily to keep your dog active, engaged, and happy. These include anything from frozen Kongs and ball play to bacon bubbles and agility courses. We change it up regularly to keep things exciting. Whether your pup visits in the morning or afternoon, they’ll have lots to do with organized activities in each pack.

Dog Boarding in Rockville, MD

Whether traveling for work or pleasure, you might not always be able to bring your dog with you. At Playful Pack, we have cage-free dog boarding for your pup’s enjoyment and your peace of mind. At our dog boarding in Rockville, your dog will receive personalized care that includes the administration of any oral medications as needed. You are welcome to bring along any favorite foods, treats, blankets, or other comfort items for their stay. During the day, your dog will join our daycare team in an open, cage-free atmosphere and take breaks on a comfortable couch or cot whenever they want.

Whether your pup is visiting for daycare or boarding, you’ll have access to webcams to peek in on any progress throughout the day. We’ll provide you with regular progress reports, too, as well as fun social media pictures and videos. Before you know it, your pup will see Playful Pack as their home away from home. Contact us today to learn more about Playful Pack or to schedule your pup’s temperament evaluation.