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Top Off-Leash Dog Parks Around McLean, VA

April 21, 2020
a couple sitting on a bench with various dogs around them

Did you know that dogs need 30-60 minutes of exercise per day? It's important for their health and well-being to get a significant amount of daily activity. But what do you do if you don't have a huge yard or space for Fido to roam?

Luckily, there are so many dog parks around McClean, VA to choose from. Some have forests, trails, and fenced-in play areas to provide a healthy dose of canine adventure. So if you are looking for some top picks to take your pet, check out these ideas below.

Shirlington Dog Park

Got a canine swimmer? Pups can get their paws wet at Shirlington Dog Park. Located in Arlington, VA this off-leash dog park actually has a little stream that is perfect for swimming in on hot days, and the shallow waters make it easy for pups to test the waters--even beginners.

There are also separate areas for large dogs and big dogs to play. And if you want to stop in downtown Shirlington first, you can get takeaway food to sit and have a picnic on one of the many benches located in the dog park. Park hours are from sunrise to sunset.

Benjamin Banneker Park

If you are looking for dog parks in Baltimore County, start with the historic Benjamin Banneker Park. Open from sunrise until sunset, it's a great spot to have puppy playdates. It's got lots of convenient amenities for humans, too, like a playground, a picnic area, and porta-potties in the warm months.

Or hit the trails, since there are 6 miles to explore with your furry friends. When you're done, hydrate your pup at the doggy water fountain in the large dog section. Parking is free and conveniently located right in front of the dog park.

Mason District Dog Park

For those of you looking for dog parks near Annandale, head over to Mason District Dog Park. It offers a huge fenced-in dog area that is fantastic for having your pup get the wiggles out. There are also unmarked trails in the area to explore if you are feeling adventurous.

While there are poop bags and garbage bins provided, there is no water on-site so be sure to bring your own. The park is open from 7 am until sunset daily.

Alternatives To Dog Parks

Running behind, but still want to show your pup a good time? Try out a doggy daycare center for a fun and safe way for your dog to meet new friends. Socialization and new activities can help break up your usual routine and provide stimulation for your furry best friend.

Ready for More Doggy Fun?

McLean, VA is close to so many beautiful dog parks that are perfect to explore with your pup. Whether you want a hiking, park, or swimming adventure, there's so much to choose from!

And for days when you're too busy to hang with Fido, contact us at The Playful Pack for doggy daycare and boarding.