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General News

Alibi, Yet Another Daycare Success Story!

March 10, 2023
White dog with blue eyes with a brown goldendoodle behind it

Alibi became a part of The Pack back in 2022 along with her sister Kira. Kira and Ali were completely different, but both clearly had a heart of gold. Ali has had a tough past and was actually mistreated, which led her to minimize her trust in humans. When Ali started coming to us, she was fearful, anxious, and didn't know what love truly was. It took my staff and I months before she was able to express how much our patience meant to her. Within time, her beautiful personality started blooming and she began to rush into the daycare rooms, followed with a good morning howl to her Packmates. Little by little she started to get comfortable and showed us that The Playful Pack was her second home. She began to do little things like taking naps on the equipment, playing with her friends, and even building a bond with different staff members. To us, that was a HUGE thing, because it was a sign of progress. Kira has been more than helpful in showing Ali that it's ok to take however much time she needs to trust the team. She has been Ali's guidance through it all, and we couldn't be more grateful. It only took us to show her that there are still good people in this world. We wouldn't change a thing, and we're so glad Ali has gained trust in us. She is the reason of why I love what I do!

-Mya, Playful Pack Fairfax Station manager