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Can’t Take Your Dog On Vacation? We Can Help

August 28, 2020
a beagle sleeping with a green blanket on top of its head

Top four reasons to board with Playful Pack Dog Boarding

Taking your pup with you on vacation might sound like fun, but not all vacations are dog-friendly. If you and your family are planning your next getaway, Playful Pack Dog Boarding can keep your dog safe, happy, and entertained during your time away. Here are four great reasons your dog will be happiest spending their time with us.

The Best Options for Dog Boarding in Annapolis and Northern Virginia

From four-star resorts to spa getaways, vacations are all about the rest and relaxation. Here at Playful Pack, we believe your dog deserves the same, which is why we strive to provide all the comforts of home at our boarding facility.

Your dog can enjoy a completely customized experience during their time with us, depending on your and their preferences. Standard boarding comes with a full day of daycare. We also offer personalized suite service where your pup can enjoy a luxury suite complete with a bed, flat-screen TV’s in our suite areas and plenty of space just for them, to unwind and relax – along with daycare during the day. If you prefer, your dog can instead spend their nights in our cage-free option, where our daycare playrooms become living room style sleeping arrangements, without confinement.

Plenty of Playtime

Playtime is not just for fun. It has serious benefits for your dog, too. Play helps keep dogs healthy and active, stimulates their minds, builds their social skills, and strengthens their bonds with other dogs and the people in their lives. At Playful Pack, we incorporate tons of playtime into our daycare and boarding services so that your dog is happy and healthy during their time with us.

They will not be inside a cage all day, thanks to our on-site daycare, and you can choose from a variety of fun add-on services, including ball tosses, private walks, and Kongs filled with delicious frozen peanut butter.

Special Needs? We’ve Got You Covered!

If your pup has special needs, you likely have special concerns. We have them covered! Our team is experienced with dogs with all kinds of needs and can provide your dog with the kind of personalized service that is necessary. Whether your furry friend needs medication at specific times, designated mealtimes, or something else, we can ensure their needs are met promptly and properly. We will care for them with the same kind of love and attention you would offer.

Detailed, Thorough & Loving Care

We know that you will enjoy your time more if you know your furry family member is well-loved and cared for during their dog vacation. During your pup’s stay with us, we will monitor them constantly. We check and record weight, feeding, potty breaks, and more to make sure that your dog is doing great. During daycare, all playgroups are supervised by trained staff members, and we record logs to track all essential data, such as which playgroups and playstyles your pup prefers.
We also welcome your calls to check in on your furry friend. We understand how hard it can be when you are far from those you love!

About Playful Pack Dog Boarding

At Playful Pack Boarding, we believe in going the extra mile. That is why we are unlike any other boarding facility. Your dog will not spend their time in a cage all day but will have plenty of time to interact with other dogs and other people. They will be challenged mentally and physically, get lots of exercise, and stick to their typical routine as much as possible. We will customize your furry family member’s experience completely to ensure the best experience for both you and your pet. Contact us today to learn more about your options for Dog Boarding in Annapolis, Fairfax Station and McLean.