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Dog Boarding Done Right - Why Choose Playful Pack

September 27, 2020
A dog boarding room inside Playful Pack

You cannot always take your dog with you, but with Playful Pack, you can always be confident that your best friend is in the best of hands. Our dog boarding facilities are designed with the needs of dogs and their people in mind. We know dogs and not just what they love but what they need. When your furry family member stays with us, you can rest easy that your dog is comfortable, happy, safe, and healthy.

Three Great Reasons to Choose Playful Pack Dog Boarding


Dogs are naturally social animals. They enjoy being around their people, but they also get a great deal of pleasure and mental stimulation from being around those of their own species. They look to other dogs for companionship, structure, guidance, and leadership. At Playful Pack, your dog will have the opportunity to participate in our dog daycare program. This will allow them to engage with similarly sized dogs in a safe, fun and controlled environment. Our team monitors all interactions to keep things positive and on track for maximum fun.

Mental and Physical Activity

Much like us, dogs need mental and physical stimulation for good health and happiness. At Playful Pack, we take each dog outside of our boarding facilities on both morning and evening walks to burn off the wiggles. They will enjoy getting to enjoy lots of exciting new smells to keep their noses and minds busy. Throughout daycare, your pup will be kept on their paws, interacting with furry friends of similar sizes and temperaments and with our dog-loving staff. During the day as needed and at night, your pup will enjoy quiet time in a relaxed, cage-free home-away-from-home atmosphere.

Personalized Attention

We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to your furry friend. For this reason, we offer fully customized services for every dog in our facility for dog boarding in Fairfax Station. We check and document your dog’s weight to make sure they are eating heartily, and we monitor their behavior to make sure they are happy and healthy. If your dog has special dietary needs or takes medication, we will make sure they are addressed. You can even bring special toys, favorite blankets, or comfort items to ensure your dog feels right at home during their stay with us.

Your peace of mind is just as carefully addressed during your time away. We provide you with Webcam Access so that you can check in throughout the day as desired. You will receive regular reports to keep you updated on your pup’s progress.

About Playful Pack Dog Boarding in Fairfax Station

At Playful Pack dog daycare and boarding, we love and care for your dogs as if they were our own. Our TLC comes at no extra charge, and we are happy to go the extra mile to make your dog’s experience as “paws”itive as possible. Contact Playful Pack dog boarding in Fairfax Station today to learn more or to schedule a tour!