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Going away for the Holidays and Can’t take your dog? Playful Pack is here!

December 1, 2022
a black and white dog sleeping on top of a pink blanket

Dogs are important members of our families, and many of us enjoy taking them with us wherever we go. Unfortunately, our pups cannot always tag along for every adventure, particularly when travel is involved. If you are traveling for the holidays and are unable to take your furry family member along, Playful Pack is always happy to be their home away from home.

Playful Pack Dog Boarding

You might be traveling somewhere that simply isn’t dog-friendly, or your best friend might not be a good traveler. At Playful Pack, it doesn’t matter. We have alternatives that keep pups happy, healthy, and safe while their people are away. Our facilities are cage-free for your dog’s happiness and mental well-being. Each pup has their own sleeping space in one of our canine condos, and you can bring along their favorite bedding, toys, or other comfort items to keep them company while you are away.

We carefully monitor your dog’s behavior, weight, eating habits, and more, and we document any changes and report irregularities to you immediately. If your pup has special needs, we are happy to accommodate them and will administer oral medications at no extra charge.

At Playful Pack, your pup is in great hands!

Playful Pack Dog Daycare

Many boarding facilities keep their dogs in separate kennels for the duration of their stays. At Playful Pack, we are more than just dog boarding. We also have doggy “play care.” Each day, your dog will join our doggy daycare dogs to play with our dog-adoring staff and PackMates. They will have ample opportunities to exercise, socialize, and engage in mental stimulation.

Our PackMates are separated into packs based on their size, energy levels, and temperaments for safety and maximum fun. Each group of dogs has plenty of time to play on our specially canine-developed equipment, which is designed to keep dogs moving and having fun. We have various activities scheduled all week long, and your dog might get to chase bacon bubbles, wind through mazes, explore a snuffle mat, or enjoy a frozen Kong. There’s so much to do here, and our staff is available on-site 24/7/365.

We use pet-safe disinfectants to clean our boarding and dog daycare facilities and have top-quality air filtration for a fresh, healthy environment. Dog bath is also available to keep your pup fresh and clean, too!

Planning Your Vacation

Proper planning is essential when it comes to preparing your dog for their little getaway. We welcome all dog guardians to visit any of our six playful pack locations for a behind-the-scenes tour. Your dog can complete their temperament test and stay for a free day of daycare while you can check out our facilities and learn more about your dog’s upcoming stay-cation experience.

Feel free to write notes about your dog’s preferences or quirks so our staff can better understand how to meet their needs. On the day of your departure, you might also want to bring along a few comfort items, such as a special blanket or even an old well-worn tee shirt that smells like you. A dog bed can also be a good option.

When it’s time to say goodbye, try to keep it short and sweet! We know how hard it is to leave your furry friend behind, but prolonged farewells can trigger anxiety and fear in your dog. Remember, your pup will be in great hands, and you’ll receive regular report cards and have webcam access that allows you to peek in whenever the mood strikes. You might just discover your dog is having the time of their life playing with PackMates and our dog-loving team!

We have multiple locations in Northern Virginia for your convenience, including our newest locations in Leesburg, Alexandria, and Arlington. Come visit us today to learn more about our dog boarding for the holidays or to complete your pup’s temperament test.