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Dogs Get Bored Too!

April 27, 2021
a black dog looking side laying on top of a rug

Did you know?

Alike humans, dogs experience feelings and negative emotions of being bored. Along with boredom, studies have estimated that 55 million dogs in the United States suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs depend on and need social interaction and stimulation, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Many puppy parents have experienced the result of bored dogs, coming home to a destroyed pillow or chewed up sofa or the appearance that their trashcan exploded. These are ways a bored dog will act out and other non-visible outbursts may occur that can affect your neighbors, like nonstop barking. In some cases, dogs that are left alone for more than 4 continuous hours will experience a negative impact on their happiness, behavior and quality of life.

But don’t quit your day job! Luckily, you have options. If you don’t have household member who can stop home throughout the day or dream neighbors to interact with your furry best friend, dog daycares or hiring a dog walkers are best. Dr. Rolan Tripp, a Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist, believes “the point of daycare is to be part of developing emotional stability and flexibility.” Not to mention the exercise and interaction with humans and other dogs. Also, a mid-day walk is perfect to entertain, exercise and stimulate your dog while you are away. Lastly, not only will your dog reap the benefits, you will have the peace of mind knowing you are doing what is best for your dog, while you are away.

If you have a dog that needs a little bit of extra attention, Playful Pack can help with our Dog Daycare Services. We will make sure your dog gets taken care of. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to call us.