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Spring is here! Should you be worried about dog allergies?

March 25, 2022
Two puppies sitting on grass

Spring is here, and with it comes allergy season. This is the time of year that trees, weeds, grasses, and other plants release pollen into the air as they reproduce. If you have pollen allergies, your body’s immune system will mount a defense when presented with pollen grains, triggering symptoms ranging from sneezing and watery eyes to itching and hives.

People are not the only victims of spring allergies. Your furry family members can be susceptible, too, but they tend to suffer not just sneezing and sniffly noses but also excessively itchy skin, irritation, and inflammation. They might chew, scratch, or lick to alleviate their discomfort, but this could trigger other symptoms and hair loss.

Although spring allergies are tough for sufferers of dog allergies, they don’t have to keep your dog trapped in the house. At Playful Pack indoor dog daycare in Northern Virginia, we can help you keep your dog comfortable and itch-free throughout allergy season while providing a safe, healthy environment for play and stimulation.


Dog fur is a magnet for pollen and other allergens, which means that a bath can help cut down on symptoms by removing the allergenic debris from their fur and skin. At our Annapolis location in Maryland, we offer a variety of dog grooming services to help keep your dog comfortable, clean, and itch-free. With the right products and grooming, your dog’s irritated skin can be soothed and itching can be relieved without over-drying.

During your pup’s spa day at Playful Pack, you can take a few extra steps to overcome allergens. A deep clean of their sleeping space can remove pollen and mold spores. Vacuum and dust hard surfaces, and use a carpet shampooer on carpet and upholstery. Toss your dog’s bed and bedding in the wash before bringing your furry friend home to a clean, allergen-free space.

Activity and Fun

Just because the outdoors can be miserable for your pup at this time of year doesn’t mean your dog’s mental and physical needs should suffer. Your dog still thrives on fun, interaction, and exercise. At Playful Pack, your pup’s needs are a priority, and we can make sure they get all the playtime and mental stimulation needed in a clean, safe, spacious indoor environment. Our facilities all feature top-quality filtration systems to minimize the risk of dog allergies. We use only dog-safe cleaners, and our furniture and equipment are cleaned and disinfected regularly for your dog’s wellbeing.

At our indoor dog daycare in Northern Virginia, your pup won’t even need to go outside for relief. Our center features a clean relief area with artificial turf and a commercial drainage system. Your dog will be allergen-free from the time they arrive until the time they leave.

Health and Safety

At Playful Pack, your pup is always our priority. Whether your dog is here for our doggy daycare or boarding with us for a longer period, we monitor and document any changes in behavior or eating habits and let you know as soon as possible. We can even administer oral medications as needed. Your dog will be constantly supervised while playing and interacting with other dogs of a similar size and temperament.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your dog’s next playdate at Playful Pack in Fairfax Station, VA, McLean, VA, Alexandria, VA, and Annapolis, MD.