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The difference between Dog Boarding and Kennels

March 17, 2021
a white dog inside Playful Pack's dog daycare

Traveling without your whole family can be hard, but you cannot always bring your whole family with you. Whether traveling for work, personal reasons, or pleasure, sometimes you have to leave your furrier members of the family at home. Knowing that your furry friends are loved and cared for in your absence can give you peace of mind during your time out of time. At Playful Pack, we can help you better understand the differences between kennels and boarding facilities so that you can make the best decision for your family.

Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels are commonly used when pets need to be held temporarily. They hold dogs and cats for short periods, typically between veterinary appointments or at adoption facilities. Kennels are also used to house animals when people need to travel, but they tend to offer the bare minimum. Your dog will have a safe, warm space. They will have food and water as well as any necessary care. They will not typically be exercised or given regular time outdoors, and they will not receive personal interaction or attention. For most animals, a kennel can be an extremely stressful environment. They are not necessarily ideal, but they do keep animals safe in their owner’s absence.

Dog Boarding Facilities

Compared to Dog kennels, you might consider boarding facilities to be more like a resort for pets. They are designed for longer stays rather than temporary housing and prioritize your dog’s comfort, health, and wellbeing. Your dog will not be cramped or crowded in an uncomfortable kennel but will instead have access to a comprehensive suite of services to ensure they are not simply safe but secure and happy from the moment they walk through the doors until they are back in your arms.

At Playful Pack, we have thoughtfully designed our boarding facilities to meet the needs of our dog visitors. During the day, dogs spend their hours in our dog daycare facility. There, they are constantly monitored by our dog-loving staff. Daycare groups are divided based on size, temperament, and energy level so that everyone enjoys their socialization safely. All equipment is cleaned with pet-safe disinfectant, and the facility uses top-quality air filtration. Your dog will enjoy playtime in an open, cage-free environment with plenty of playmates and two daily walks along the beautiful pathway that runs along Silverbrook road for exercise and mental stimulation.

While some dog boarding facilities might end the fun at night, we believe your dog deserves a home-like environment. We encourage you to bring your dog’s favorite bedding and a favorite toy or two so that they can spend their night comfortably and securely in their own private space.

Boarding facilities do not simply offer a larger place to stay and more exercise but also more personalized services. At Playful Pack dog boarding with daycare, we carefully weigh, monitor, and document each aspect of your dog’s health. Any changes are noted immediately and reported directly to you. If your dog has special needs, we will attend to them and make necessary accommodations, including administering prescribed medications as needed.

Choosing Playful Pack Dog Boarding

Changes in routine can be stressful for any dog. Kennels can be crowded and filled with other stressed dogs, making a scary situation even scarier. With dog boarding, the home-like environment, exercise, and enrichment activities can keep your dog not just busy and active but pampered during your time away. Visit our boarding page today to learn more.