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The holiday season 2023 is around the corner, why choose Playful Pack for your dog boarding needs

October 23, 2023

The holiday season is approaching rapidly, and for many busy families, plenty of excitement is on the horizon. Whether your plans include travel or the holiday party circuit, you’ve likely got a lot on your plate. Your furry family member is also a priority: How can you ensure they’re comfortable and cared for while still engaging in all the holiday festivities you love? At Playful Pack, we make it easy. Here are the top five reasons to check us out this season.

5. Convenience

Long lines in the airport and cramped car rides aren’t necessarily fun for us, but they’re even less enjoyable for your furry family member. Instead of taking your pup across the state or the country, let us take care of them in one of our eight convenient locations. They’ll enjoy a VIP-worthy holiday dog boarding getaway with the personalized attention they deserve while you can enjoy worry-free travel.

4. Routine

Dogs love predictable routines. The right routine can help your dog feel safer and more secure, but the holiday season can upend even the most rigid schedule. From shopping to get-togethers, there’s always something to do. Including visits to doggy daycare in your weekly routine can support your dog’s social and emotional well-being. At Playful Pack, we schedule fun seasonally appropriate activities twice a day to help your dog thrive and stay physically fit. You can bring your dog along for a day of fun or take advantage of our dog boarding services, which include daycare!

3. Skills and activities

Reinforcing skills your pup already knows can help them stay at the top of their game, but training can fall by the wayside while you’re busy with school and work events and family activities. We can help you stay on top of the essentials with fun organized pack activities that keep your dog’s basic obedience skills up to snuff. We design each activity with our furry friends’ needs in mind, offering ample opportunities for them to sniff, taste, run, and jump.

2. Worry-free fun

While you’re out exploring the lights and sipping hot cocoa, your pup could be enjoying daycare with both indoor and outdoor play areas. We’ve got play equipment that’s designed just for dogs and made not just for fun but also for safety and comfort. They get ample opportunities to socialize, too, and you can check in on our webcams to view the fun. Our staff stays close by at all times to ensure a safe, positive time is had by all.

1. A safe home away from home

Dog boarding during the holidays can be stressful, but at Playful Pack, we provide a safe, comfortable, joyful home-away-from-home for pups of all ages and sizes. When your dog boards with us, they’ll get to enjoy all the fun of daycare during the day and retire to their private suites at night to get some restful sleep. We monitor their diet, weight, and other critical markers and can provide oral medication as needed. You can bring special bedding, treats, and other comfort items to help your dog feel right at home.

From Friendsgiving to the glitter of New Year’s Eve, the holidays can be overwhelming for even the most well-adjusted pup. Let us help you keep your dog happy and healthy during the crazy busy holiday season. Call us today to schedule your free temperament test!