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The Importance Of Socializing Your Dog

January 21, 2021
Group of dogs looking over a countertop inside Playful Pack dog daycare room

All dog owners know that a healthy diet and exercise is vital to their dogs health. However, not many know the true importance socialization plays in the overall wellness of each and every dog! Not only do non-socialized dogs pose a threat to others but also to themselves, if they cannot allow for proper medical care in a time of need.

Just like humans, stress has a negative effect on the mind and body of dogs. Poorly socialized dogs will experience fear much more frequently and the instinctive “fight or flight” mentality. This will elevate their blood pressure and also cause a decrease in blood flow to the kidneys and other vital organs. Over time, this frequent and repeated reaction, due to heightened and regular fear, will have a negative impact on a dogs health.

Owners of non-socialized dogs will find it much more difficult to get their furry best friend the exercise they need. When dogs show aggression on walks, are unable to play freely at dog parks or have never experienced a dog daycare, they likely are not getting enough exercise and may become overweight. It is understandable that an owner of a poorly socialized dog might be afraid to take it for regular walks, scared of an altercation or if they dog escaped the leash. Furthermore, if the dogs health declines, it is much more difficult for the professionals to give proper and thorough medical exams on a dog that is not socialized. Lastly, these dogs will also give groomers difficulty and it is often that a groomer will notice a problem or deformity on a dogs coat or skin.

It is highly important to begin socialization with your dog at the earliest possible times. An article on suggests that the window for proper socialization is between 3-12 weeks and recommends exposing your puppy to people, other puppies, car rides, public places and new social situations every week. The thought that you must wait until your puppy has had all of the vaccinations is outdated because it is believed to be too late by the time the puppy reaches week 16.

One of the main benefits of dog daycares is the socialization your dog will receive by interacting with new dogs, people and a different environment. It is also never too late to begin to socialize your pup. At Playful Pack we have noticed that older non-socialized dogs can absolutely benefit from daycare, it sometimes takes a few days of slowly warming the dog up to the environment with close supervision. Of course proper and professional training is recommended for serious cases.

It cannot hurt to bring your dog into one of our facilities for a FREE temperament test to see if your dog is a good fit for daycare! Visit for more information.

A socialized dog is a happy and healthy dog!