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Top New Year's Resolutions for Dogs and Dog Parents

January 13, 2023
a black dog with its owner at an open field

New Year’s resolutions have been a part of human tradition for about 4,000 years. For most people today, resolutions give us a chance to start anew, reflect on our past, and look toward a hopeful future. For pet guardians, our resolutions can help us become better pet parents. Whether you’re welcoming the new year with a new puppy or your dog is your tried-and-true friend, these dog New Year's Resolutions can help you both enjoy the new year more!

Resolution #1: Try something new.

Dog parents, whether your dog is old or young, teaching new tricks is always a crowd-pleasing boredom-buster. Your dog can learn to sit, stay, roll over, play dead, or do other fun new tricks. Dog training not only is a great energy outlet and bonding activity for pets and pet parents, but it can also ensure your dog is responsive, relaxed, and easy to manage even in potentially risky situations. Remember that a well-trained dog is a secure and happy dog.

Dogs, don’t let that boredom get you caught up in needless drama! The table leg might look tasty, but if you’re ready to turn over a new leaf, then consider gnawing on a frozen Kong, using your nose to dig deep in a snuffle mat, or trying a new route on your next walk. All this activity is good for your brain and body and will destroy those winter doldrums!

Resolution #2: Get active.

Parents, most dogs simply aren’t getting the exercise they need for good health, and it’s putting them at risk of obesity, arthritis, and other potentially serious health problems. Although not all dogs need the same amount of exercise, all dogs do need regular exercise. Getting more exercise into your pup’s day can help both of you stay more active and build your bond.

Dogs, snoozing in front of a warm fireplace sure does feel good, but a little more exercise does a "doggy" good! Get out there and get walking, and as you increase your fitness level, your person might be more inclined to take you on bigger adventures: bicycle rides, hiking, agility courses, and swimming. If the weather is bad or your person has to work, then Playful Pack is always available with equipment designed for dogs just like you, exciting new games, and plenty of cozy spots to sneak in that nap.

Resolution #3: Focus on food.

It’s hard to say “no” to those soulful eyes, but as a dog parent, you know that table scraps just aren’t the greatest choice for dogs. Too much "people food" can increase your dog’s risk of obesity, diabetes, and arthritis, and some foods can even be dangerous for your pup.

Dogs, begging at the table is so last year. You know it’s not good for you, and besides, you’re tired of the cat lecturing you about how begging is beneath you. Keep an eye on your portions and don’t raid the pantry while your person is sleeping. Remember that treats count as calories, too, and add them to the daily budget. If you’re tired of the same-old snacks, talk to your owner about trying some new snacks, like those from Unleashed Dog Bakery and Boutique.

Resolution #4: Step up your (dog) smile game.

As any dog person knows, dogs chew. To chew, though, dogs need healthy teeth, and for many dogs, that’s a big ask. Most dogs have some degree of gum disease by the time they are three, and the resulting pain, inflammation, and tooth loss can affect every aspect of your dog’s life. Stepping up your smile game can help them live happier, healthier, smile-filled lives.

Commit to brushing your dog’s teeth every day to keep those gums and chompers healthy and free of dental disease. While you’re at it, remember to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day.

Dogs, step away from that shoe. We know chewing is fun and it releases anxiety-calming endorphins. We even know that the leather, enhanced by just the slightest hint of "people feet," is as delectable to you as the finest Wagyu beef. Why choose shoes, though, when there are so many other amazing options, such as Kongs, nylon bones, bully sticks, and pig ears all for your chewing pleasure? Ask your person to mix it up so you can explore new textures, flavors, and chewing challenges.

Resolution #5: Go along for the ride!

Parents, a car ride offers your pup new smells, new sensations, new things to see, new people to meet, and new experiences. Increasing numbers of places are welcoming dogs or scheduling dog-friendly hours so that your pup can join in on the fun. These kinds of experiences are great ways to enhance socialization and offer mental and physical stimulation for your pup.

Dogs, it’s time to step up your “going out” game with visits to dog-friendly restaurants and bars, pet supply stores, parks, and lakes, and even some national monuments. You’ll most likely need to bring your harness and leash along for safety, and your person will need to make sure you are brushed up on all the important rules, such as sit, stay, leave it, and the always-popular “Good pup!”

At Playful Pack, we can help you stay on track with your New Year's resolutions for dogs. Check us out today to schedule your pup's temperament test!