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Top ways on how to make these holidays extra special for your dog

December 13, 2021
a golden retriever with a Christmas tree in the background

The holiday season is a time to gather, celebrate, and enjoy everything we love best. For many of us, though, the fun often gets buried in a flurry of responsibilities. This takes not just a toll on you but also on your pet. Maybe it’s time for a change that will benefit you both. Incorporating your furry family members in the process can help you fall in love with the holidays all over again.

Eight Steps to a Happy Howl-odays!

1. Go walking in a winter wonderland.

A walk can fulfill many of your dog’s biggest needs, including the need for physical exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship. Unfortunately, your dog’s daily walk routine could get on the back-burner in the rush of holiday shopping, family gatherings, and general busyness. When your dog is bored, they are more likely to get into things they shouldn’t.

Getting your dog outside daily can keep your dog healthy and happy, and they might even enjoy seeing your friends’ and neighbors’ holiday decorations.

2. Have yourself a tasty little Christmas.

Some of our most beloved holiday traditions are centered on food: indulgent cookies and treats. Your dog’s nose is likely quite busy sniffing all the good things, but human food is not necessarily the best option for your pup. Instead, pick up some especially tasty treats for your furry friend or go a step further and add a yummy peanut butter treat recipe to your holiday baking list.

3. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Snow can be great for extra enrichment. Take your dog out to catch a few snowballs or shovel out an agility course. Remember to be safe when playing with your pup outside. Use boots to protect their paws from potentially dangerous cold temperatures, and add a doggy sweater or coat for extra warmth. Check the ground for any signs of salt or antifreeze, which could hurt your dog, and help them dry off or warm up when you go back inside.

4. But the weather outside is frightful.

If it’s too cold or too snowy for you and your dog, take the fun indoors. Play some hide-and-seek to stimulate your dog’s brain, build your bond, and reinforce lessons they have already learned. A little nose work on a frigid day can also be exhilarating. Nose work is mentally stimulating and just plain fun for pups. Bubbles can also be a fun, interactive game. For extra fun, look for bacon- or peanut butter-scented bubbles.

5. The most wonderful time of the year

The winter holidays are a time for gifts, so go get some for your pup! Dogs enjoy new things as much as any of us. Involve your dog in the process by visiting a pet-friendly pet store so they can pick out new toys. Better yet, surprise your pup with a special gift under the tree.

6. Do you hear what I hear?

Dogs are social creatures, and the holiday season gives you plenty of opportunities to gather with doggy friends and other dog owners for plenty of rowdy, noisy, doggy fun. Head to a special holiday event so your pup can socialize and play, or host a puppy cookie exchange to share your favorite dog treat recipes while the dogs get the zoomies out outside.

7. It’s beginning to look a lot like Pupsmas!

As the holiday season draws closer, you will want to make sure your dog is putting their best paws forward. That means it’s time for a grooming appointment. Pamper your pup at our Annapolis facility to get that shiny, fresh, healthy look that makes your dog glow.

8. Santa Paws is coming to town.

Santa is coming! Many dog-friendly locations are offering portraits with Santa, and your dog might just love the opportunity to get out and about. Photos with Santa give your dog a chance to show off her shiny new look from the groomer and will become a happy memory for you to share with friends and family

At Playful Pack, we have services for all your holiday dog needs. From doggy daycare that allows you to finish up your holiday shopping to boarding that makes it possible to travel, our team is here to help you and your pup have the best howl-iday season ever!