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Why Dog Daycare is the Best Option for Your Dog this Winter Season

December 20, 2022
a white dog and a black and brown dog running and playing on the snow

Winter is often a tough season for dogs. No longer can your pup spend endless hours outside chasing butterflies and discovering interesting smells in the tall grasses. Instead, you are likely spending increasing hours hibernating at home with your dog snoozing at your feet. It’s an appealing idea and one that is cozy enough for a “howliday” card, but your dog might be yearning for something a bit more exciting. This is especially true for younger and more active dogs, which might be chomping at the bit to get out there and get busy! The best dog daycare in Northern Virginia can fill the gap for your dog this winter season.

Surviving Winter with Dogs

We all know a Husky, German Shepherd Dog, or Newfoundland that simply adores cold weather. These dogs have thick coats and wooly undercoats designed to keep them toasty and warm in chilly weather, and some, like the Newfoundland, have large paws designed to help them stay strong and stable in icy conditions.

However, not all dogs enjoy the ice and snow. Sleek Greyhounds, squat bulldogs, and little Pomeranians might protest loudly, planting all paws firmly on the floor when it’s time for their walks. Forget the dog coat and booties: These pups are simply not going to take one step further until the sun has warmed things up again!

What is a responsible owner to do? You could shovel your entire yard or a ring around the property so your pup has a snow-free space to go, or you could visit us at Playful Pack. Our dog daycare facilities have warm, dry indoor play facilities where your dogs can play safely all day long without the need for a doggy coat or boots.

Doggy Daycare for All Seasons

When your dog visits us, they’ll get plenty of exciting interactions with not just other people but also other dogs, developing healthy socialization skills that can boost their confidence. They’ll engage in fun activities that change throughout the month, including bubble parties, snuffle mats, tunnels of fun, disco parties, and PACK-uccino treats, and we include seasonal activities, too, to keep things fresh and exciting.

Our indoor facilities are packed with fun things for your pup, including thoughtfully designed canine play equipment. We clean the equipment with pet-safe disinfectant, and our facilities feature top-quality air filtration to ensure your furry friend’s health and welfare throughout their visit with us.

We separate our PACK-mates according to size and temperament. At your dog’s first visit with us, we’ll complete a temperament test to ensure they are placed with the right group, and then they are welcome to stay for a free day of daycare to enjoy some healthy, fun interactions with their new PACKmates! You will be able to monitor your furry family member’s visit with us thanks to our webcam feature. Any time your dog stays at Playful Pack, you can check in via webcam. We’ll also provide regular progress reports and updates so that you’ll know all the latest news and updates as Playful Pack becomes your pup’s favorite home-away-from-home.

We have six dog daycare facilities, including facilities in Fairfax Station, Va., McLean, Va., Alexandria, Va., Arlington, Va., Leesburg, Va., and Annapolis, Md., with a new location in Rockville, Md., coming soon. Each offers a cage-free, open atmosphere for 13 hours a day and 7 days a week. Whether your dog wants to play with their pack or relax on a cozy couch, we’ll keep a spot open for them!