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Why Dogs Should Attend Dog Daycare

September 28, 2020
a dog holding a black toy inside Playful Pack's location in Fairfax Station, VA

First domesticated thousands of years ago, dogs have been our companions for centuries. We have further refined the species into dog breeds, creating specific breeds to do specific jobs and fine-tuning their traits to ensure maximum success at hunting, scenting, retrieving, or performing other jobs. Today, we mostly have pets rather than working dogs, but our dogs still have the same urges our ancestors bred into them. When we go out to work, they spend hours at home alone, longing for the freedom and excitement their own ancestors enjoyed.

Dogs that are unable to get the activity and stimulation they so desperately need might channel their energy into destructive behaviors, such as chewing, barking, or reactivity. Quitting your job is not likely to be an option, but you can still give your dog everything they need with the help of Playful Pack dog daycare in Fairfax Station.


Our dogs enjoy spending time together and interacting with us. While some dogs adapt to our workaday routines, others are more social and struggle when you leave for work or school. They can become bored or anxious and find themselves increasingly stressed. Food puzzles or other “busy” toys can keep them occupied for a period, but these tend to be short-term fixes rather than long-term solutions.

At dog daycare, your dog will have all the companionship their fuzzy heart desires. We will match your best friend with dogs of similar temperaments, sizes, and personalities in a safe, controlled environment. Our team is well-versed in dog body language and will work to ensure our guests are interacting positively. We will develop goals for behavior, confidence, and socialization using an exciting array of activities to keep your dog busy and happy from drop off until pick up.


Being a couch potato is not good for any of us. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to joint problems, obesity, and other issues for your furry friend. At doggy day care, your dog will have plenty of opportunities to get and stay busy throughout the day with everything from agility courses and walks to bubbles and fetch. Our staff organizes lots of fun activities and teams dogs up according to size and temperament to ensure safe and positive interactions.

This can be especially helpful during times of weather extremes, such as when it is too hot, too cold, or too rainy or snowy for regular walks. Your dog will come back home to you ready to cuddle on the couch, no guilt necessary!


Just like us, dogs thrive with a regular routine. At home, your dog knows when you wake up, when to expect meals, when to go for a walk, when playtime arrives, and when to snuggle up for a nice nap. When you work long hours, their routine is disrupted, potentially triggering insecurity and anxiety. With doggy day care, you can maintain structure and routine, promoting consistency and helping your dog feel safe and secure. At our dog daycare, your dog will continue eating, using the bathroom, playing, and even napping in a comfortable, cage-free environment on a schedule that works for them while you work or tend to your other responsibilities, worry-free.

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