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Why Playful Pack is the Best Dog Boarding for the Holidays

November 16, 2021
a french bulldog laying on top of a red ramp inside Playful Pack

Are you planning a trip away for the holidays? Holiday travel is exciting, but leaving your pets behind can be stressful. At Playful Pack, we have the ideal solution. We offer dog boarding for the holidays that can keep your dog safe, secure, healthy, and happy. You might already be familiar with our doggy daycare, which includes groups separated according to size, temperament, and energy, and oodles of custom activities to keep your dog mentally and physically engaged. Our dog boarding in Fairfax Station, Annapolis, and McLean have canine-developed equipment for play and health and a spacious environment designed specifically to enhance your pup’s wellbeing.

We take it to the next level for boarding, however, and we can give you four fantastic reasons to choose us for all your holiday boarding needs.

1. Dog daycare is included.

Playful Pack dog boarding in McLean, Fairfax Station, and Annapolis offers more than just a supervised kennel to house your pup while you are gone. During your dog’s time with us, they will be treated as a beloved member of our pack. During each day your dog is with us, they will enjoy doggy daycare during the daytime, and in addition to daycare, they will get a morning and evening walk every day to stretch their legs and work out those zoomies. At night, your dog will get to stretch out in a spacious, cage-free environment.

2. We’ll take care of any special needs.

At Playful Pack, we understand that your furry friend needs more than just a place to lay their weary head. They also need special attention to be the healthiest they can be. Every dog in our facility gets the same TLC that our own dogs get, and that means making accommodations as needed for our special needs friends. If your pup needs medications, we will administer them to your dog at no extra charge to you. We will also accommodate preferences as needed, so feel free to bring favorite toys, special blankets, or anything else that will help your dog feel safe, cozy, and well-loved at night.

3. We closely monitor every dog in our care.

We know how hard separations can be for both you and your pup. While your dog is staying with us, we will weigh them regularly and monitor and document any changes. If there are any issues as far as eating habits, behavior, illnesses, or injuries, we will document and let you know immediately.

4. Playful Pack is conveniently located.

Finding the right dog boarding facility for your furry family member is important, which is why we have several convenient locations, including dog boarding in Annapolis, Fairfax Station, and McLean. Each of our facilities is clean and safe and staffed by dog lovers who want the best for your puppy pal.

We are booking fast for the holidays, so be sure to call us to reserve your pup’s space in our dog boarding in Fairfax Station, Annapolis, or McLean today!