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Will Dog Boarding Be Stressful For My Dog?

November 25, 2020
a beagle sleeping with its head on top of a pillow

Traveling without your best bud can be stressful, but the idea of boarding in dog kennels might also trigger anxiety. How can you calm your worries and ensure your dog’s boarding experience is a comfortable and happy one? Here at Playful Pack dog boarding in Virginia, we have answers that can put your mind at ease.

The Difference between Doggy Daycare and Dog Boarding

Many dog owners consider their dogs to be one of the family. You love your dogs, play with them, spend your free time with them, and cannot imagine spending too much time away from them. You may even have them in daycare when you are at work or school during the day. Doggy daycare is a great way for energetic dogs to burn off their energy, social dogs to interact with doggy friends, and inquisitive dogs to be curious without getting into any trouble. Many dogs love going to doggy daycare for all the fun opportunities it offers.

Dog boarding is much like doggy daycare with the added enjoyment of overnight stays. At Playful Pack, our boarding facilities feature spacious dog condos, constant staff engagement and documentation, and additional care for special needs. We even have special webcam access for pet parents so that you can peep in and watch your pup having fun in daycare, for your peace of mind!

Boarding your Dog

Whether your dog is prone to anxiety or not, you might still worry about how they will react when you leave them at a boarding facility. Picking the right facility will go a long way towards alleviating some of your fears. At Playful Pack, we take dog care seriously. We understand how important your pup is and care for each dog as if they were our own.

Each day, we note your pup’s weight and keep records of your dog’s activity and diet. We will note any unusual behavior or changes. Every day, your dog will get a walk in the morning and the evening, and during the day, your dog will spend their free time in our doggy daycare with plenty of social interaction and downtime as needed. If your pup has special needs, we can accommodate those as well.

Before boarding your pup, we welcome you to schedule a daycare visit or two to help your dog get to know our staff and meet some other pups. Your dog will become more familiar with the facilities and more comfortable with being here. On the big day, a light snack before arriving will probably be more comfortable on your pup’s stomach. Feel free to bring along some comfort items as needed. Your dog’s bed is a good choice along with a favorite blanket and some preferred toys. You might even bring an item with your scent on it.

When you arrive, remember to keep it short and sweet. If your dog shows signs of stress, try not to be overly comforting. Offer a quick sit-stay command or a heel command. These can be grounding and calming and remind your dog to look to you for guidance and comfort. Finally, offer a cheery goodbye, but again, keep it short and sweet. Lingering, emotional farewells can be upsetting and induce anxiety in both you and your dog.

At Playful Pack dog boarding in Northern Virginia, your pup is in the best possible hands. We have monitoring that allows you to peek in on your pup for a virtual visit whenever you need it. Call or visit us today to learn more about our doggy daycare or dog kennels, also known at Playful Pack as spacious, comfortable condos.