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Bark To Doggie School! Why Dog Daycare Is Beneficial For Your Furry Best Friend.

August 8, 2021
a group of dog inside Playful Pack

As kids are headed back to school, it’s always a good time to send your dog to school, aka doggie daycare! Why doggie daycare? A lot of times, with the start of the new school year, dogs lose their play buddies and walkers, your kids! However, the reasons are vast and plentiful ranging from allowing your dog to “live their best life” to the medical and emotional benefits daycare and socialization provide.

Dogs depend on and need social interaction and stimulation, as part of a healthy lifestyle. Even more important is introducing your dog as a puppy to the world of dog daycare and socialization. Puppies that experience socialization and interaction at a young age, can prevent them from learning bad behaviors and dog daycare is the perfect place to do so!

Many dog parents have experienced the result of bored dogs, coming home to a destroyed pillow or chewed up sofa or the appearance that their trashcan exploded. Bored dogs will act out and other non-visible outbursts may occur that can affect your neighbors, like nonstop barking. In some cases, dogs that are left alone for more than 4 continuous hours will experience a negative impact on their happiness, behavior and quality of life.

Owners of non-socialized dogs will find it much more difficult to get their furry best friend the exercise they need. When dogs show aggression on walks, are unable to play freely at dog parks or have never experienced a dog daycare, they likely are not getting enough exercise and may become overweight. Again, very important to prevent these issues at the puppy stages! It is understandable that an owner of a poorly socialized dog might be afraid to take it for regular walks, scared of an altercation or if they dog escaped the leash. Besides these negative behaviors of a non-socialized dog, a major reason puppy parents love dog daycare is because they spend the day burning energy and are ready to rest, relax and snuggle at the end of the day.

Regardless what reason you think dog daycare could be beneficial to your four-legged best friend, why not give it try? Better yet, a trial at Dog Thrive is FREE! Our temperament test evaluations, which is a day to get to know your dog and allow them to slowly acclimate themselves to the daycare environment, is FREE. Give us a call to setup your dogs free first day of daycare: Gambrills – 443-281-3647 or Annapolis – 443-282-1152.