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Dog daycare, the best option for your dog when you’re not home

September 15, 2021
Playful Pack dog daycare room with yellow ramps and play areas

What does your dog do when you are not home? You have probably noticed how excited your pup is when you get home from work, school, or other trips away and how happy they are when you take them with you on a little adventure to the pet store or dog park. Dogs are pack animals by nature, and they do best when surrounded by members of their pack or family.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot take our furry family members everywhere, so when we leave, they stay home. Even with doggy doors and extensive access to the outside world via spacious yards, our pups might still spend a lot of time alone. That means plenty of time to get lonely and bored, and lonely, bored dogs are prone to anxiety and anxious behaviors, such as barking, digging, and destruction.

When you cannot be home, dog daycare is a great alternative. As your family gets back into its normal routine with the end of summer, consider giving your dog a new routine, too. At doggy daycare, your dog will be surrounded by a happy, healthy pack. Pups have plenty of positive interactions with both people and other dogs, and their days are filled with fun activities. At Playful Pack, we’ve got lots of options for your dog’s wellbeing and happiness and your peace of mind.

Dog Daycare in Fairfax Station, Virginia

Our Fairfax Station location is located just west of I-95 on Silverbrook Road. Clean, safe, and cage-free, our doggy daycare and dog boarding in Fairfax Station is staffed by dedicated dog lovers who have your pup’s best interests in mind. We have plenty of indoor activities. Throughout the month, our dog daycare in Fairfax Station schedules special activities to keep the surprises coming, including snuffle mats, iceblock surprises, tunnels of fun, bacon bubbles, tunnels of fun, and ball bobbing. We even host birthday parties to celebrate our pups’ special days!

Dog Daycare in McLean, Virginia

McLean is our newest facility, and it offers both doggy daycare and boarding services. Conveniently located in the Chesterbrook Shopping Center next to Safeway, our dog daycare in McLean has a bright and cheery design and a 35 square foot artificial turf potty space, complete with a commercial drainage system to keep everything clean and sanitary. As with our other facilities, our day daycare in McLean offers plenty of special activities along with mental and physical activities, socialization, and constant staff engagement in a bright, friendly, cage-free atmosphere.

Dog Daycare in Annapolis, Maryland

Our Playful Pack dog daycare in Annapolis offers not just daycare and boarding but also grooming for your furry friends. Located off Bestgate Road at 2021 Research Drive, Playful Pack in Annapolis (formally known as Dog Thrive Annapolis) is just across the street from Westfield Mall. With activities ranging from hot dog day to pictures in the pumpkin patch, your dog will thrive in our pack and you can choose from a variety of pup-pampering services, such as baths, de-shedding, nail trims, and sanitary trims.

Whichever Playful Pack Doggy Daycare you choose, you can be confident your pup will be in the very best of hands. For some of our locations, you’ll have access to webcams to peek at your pup whenever they’re with us, and you’ll get a report card with updates about their experiences at the end of each visit. We offer discounts for multiple pups and have special add-ons, such as walks.

New locations coming soon!

We’re also very excited to be opening new dog daycare and dog boarding locations in Alexandria, Rosslyn and Leesburg. We can’t wait to open our doors in these neighborhoods and become your dog’s favorite place to socialize, expense energy and enjoy themselves!

Visit us today to find out more or to find out if Playful Pack Dog Daycare is right for you and your furry friend.