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General News

Griffyn, Another Daycare Success Story!

March 1, 2023
white dog laying on floor inside Playful Pack

Gryffin Sandler is a standard poodle male, about a year old. His first day he came in very shy and unsure about staff and the other dogs in the room he literally stayed near the door or way off to a corner by the window, after about a week of him coming in for daycare we gradually saw him come out of his shell with us and also his packmates. After he boarded with us for the holidays we could say he owned that little pack like it was his own, he would follow daycare attendants EVERYWHERE and he especially wanted to be the helper for lunch, although he was still a little socially selective about his packmates he really learned patients with the other pups in the room and how to play nice and when to be gentle.

Sometimes all it takes is time! Not every dog warms up right way. We are thankful Griffyn had time to adjust!