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General News

Sydney and Reese: Another Daycare Success Story!

July 21, 2023
two dogs laying on top of a blanket in Playful Pack dog daycare

Sydney Williams, a beagle lab mix, started coming to our daycare as her dad works and she has separation anxiety. She was pretty nervous at first, but we figured out a few things that helped her calm down. First, she loves blankets. If there's a blanket in the room, you bet she'll lay on it. Second, she loves being outdoors, and her nerves definitely calm down when she's hanging out in the yard and sunbathing.

The most amazing thing happened, though. A miniature Dachshund named Reese, started coming to our daycare. She was also a bit skittish at first, but she had a few dogs she loved and would approach tail wagging. When Reese met Sydney, it was love at first sight. Sydney seems to thoroughly enjoy Reese's company and Reese loves Sydney. They even began to see each other on walks and Reese would BEELINE to Sydney and her dad.

Sydney and Reese's friendship is a heartwarming story of love and support. They are both lucky to have met at our daycare and we love to see their friendship continue to grow.