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Why choose our dog daycare in Alexandria, VA

May 17, 2022
Black dog inside a Playful Pack dog daycare location

More dog parents are opting for doggy daycare these days. Many of us are returning to work after working from home over the last year or two, and that means our furry family members are being left to their own devices for the first time in a long time. Finding the right doggy daycare in Alexandria for them can seem like an overwhelming job. You need a facility that will attend not just to your pup’s physical needs but also its mental and emotional wellbeing. Your dog deserves the same attention and loving care that they get at home in a safe, healthy environment, and here at Playful Pack dog daycare in Alexandria, that’s exactly what we offer.

Why Doggy Daycare?

Dogs that are left alone for long periods can be prone to undesirable behaviors as a result of boredom or anxiety. Because they are pack animals, dogs need not only physical exercise but also mental stimulation and social interaction. Without them, a dog’s behavior and mental health can and will deteriorate, leaving them prone to problem barking, chewing, indoor marking, and reactivity or aggression. Dog daycare is designed to fill an important role in your dog’s life and meet their needs through safe socializing and exercise in a structured environment. At Playful Pack Dog Daycare and Boarding, we can give you the peace of mind you need while your pup has the time of its life.

What to Expect from our Dog Daycare in Alexandria

Playful Pack dog daycare in Alexandria is committed to ensuring that you and your furry family members have the best possible experience from your first visit. You are welcome to stop by for an evaluation, where you and your pup will have the opportunity to check out our facility, see how our staff interacts with our PACKmates, and find out more about how our cage-free facility operates.

We pack our calendar full of activities, including plenty of guaranteed crowd-pleasers, such as bacon bubbles, snuffle mats, ice blocks, tunnels, and ball bobbing. Each day of the week brings a new activity and new opportunities for fun. We design our schedule with your dog’s need for sensory play and stimulation in mind. Dogs can play and exercise all day long if they choose to use our specially designed equipment, and when they need a break, we have plenty of comfortable couches, cots, and other resting spots where they can take a time out from the excitement and relax or catch a quick nap.

To join in on the fun, your dog simply needs a free temperament evaluation. During this process, our staff will get to know your dog a little bit better so that we can understand both personality and behavioral needs. We divide our packs according to size and temperament, and placing your pup into the correct pack ensures they will all get the most out of the experience with customized care and attention. Once we have completed the free temperament evaluation and determined that Playful Pack is the right fit for your pup, your dog can stay for the whole dog daycare experience.

Playful Pack in Alexandria

At Playful Pack dog daycare in Alexandria, we take cleanliness and hygiene extremely seriously, using only dog-safe cleaners and disinfectants. We have a potty area equipped with artificial turf and a commercial drainage system to keep everything clean and hygienic for our pack.

Our highly-skilled, dog-loving staff is constantly on-hand actively and constantly engaging with our PACKmates in our cage-free facility. We are well-versed in canine body language and are dedicated to ensuring each of our dogs enjoys the best possible experiences. While your dog is visiting us, you will have access to our webcams and can take a peek whenever you want to keep an eye on your pup. You will also receive updates and report cards with all the latest information on what your dog did during daycare. We’ll notify you as soon as possible if we ever notice changes in your dog’s behavior or health.

Boarding and grooming are also available.

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